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420551 1/12 KAWAZAKI NINJA ZX-12R

420551 1/12 KAWAZAKI NINJA ZX-12R

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The powerplant of the Ninja ZX-12R is a fuel injected 4-cylinder 1,199cc engine that pumps out an abundant 178hp. Its four-into-two-into-one exhaust system features a titanium muffler paired with a catalyzer, which helps eliminate unburned hydrocarbons for cleaner emissions. Kawasaki brilliantly raised the superbike standard in performance, power and aerodynamics with their series flagship, the Ninja ZX-12R.

As a special feature for this model, semi-transparent green parts have been used for the fairing, offering a fascinating look at the aluminum monocoque frame and detailed engine, even after completion of the model. This is a great chance to see the inner workings of Kawasaki's latest masterpiece! Also, the brake lights come as semi-transparent red parts and the turning signals come as semi-transparent orange parts. These colors perfectly match those of the full-size bike. Finally, metal stickers have been used for the rear-view mirrors and front forks, providing a high-quality appearance even without painting!

Scale: 1/12, overall length: 173mm, overall width: 70mm, overall height: 101mm. Authentic recreation of monocoque frame, 4-cylinder engine, suspension, etc. Semi-transparent green parts used for fairing, which features side wings. Easy to remove, tiny screws used for attachment of fairing. Muffler glistens with chrome plated parts. Solid rubber tires feature authentic tread pattern.


Tamiya motorcycle model needs to be assembled and painted. This Tamiya building kit comes without glue and paint.

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