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Hero Quest Frozen Horror

Hero Quest Frozen Horror

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Please note this is an expansion and does require a copy of Hero Quest to Play.

The Frozen Horror is an expansion to HeroQuest , where you follow the barbarian home to the frozen north, where a cruel enemy threatens the population, awakened from its frozen slumber to serve Zargon. At first, the mighty barbarian must face a series of challenges alone, and then other heroes join him.

The extension is in English.

The Frozen Horror contains

  • Quest Book (10 scenarios)
  • 21 miniatures (Frozen Horror, Barbarian, 12 mercenaries, 3 ice gremlins, 2 polar warbears, 2 yetis)
  • 2 dungeon doors
  • 35 cards
  • 3 cardboard tile sheets
  • 6 combat dice
  • 2 movement dice
  • Block with grade sheet
  • Guidance
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