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How to play HeroQuest

One player takes on the role of the evil wizard Zargon, the other players choose a hero each: the barbarian, dwarf, elf or wizard. 

If playing with fewer than 5 players, players must control more than one hero, as playing less than 4 heroes makes the game more difficult. 

Choose a Quest from the Quest book, each Quest has 3 different sections: Parchment Text, Quest Map and Quest Notes. This explains how the board should be set up and what should happen in the Quest. 

 Once the players have filled out their character sheets, you are ready to get started. 

Heroes can take the following actions:

  • Attack
  • Cast a spell
  • Search for treasures
  • Search for secret doors
  • Search for traps
  • Disarm a trap

Zargon, in turn, can do the following:

  • Move and attack with all monsters
  • Cast a Dread spell

As heroes, you have completed a Quest when you have completed the Quest objective and exited the dungeon. You can end early by exiting the dungeon before completing the Quest or if all heroes are dead on the way. 

HeroQuest includes:

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Game master screen
  • 71 Highly detailed character and furniture miniatures
  • Rule book
  • Quest book
  • 6 combat dice
  • 2 Red D6s
  • Deck with tax card
  • Deck with equipment cards
  • 5 decks of spells
  • Deck with monster cards
  • Accounting block
  • Hero card
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