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Ravenfeast - Dark Age Rulebook (ENGLISH)

Ravenfeast - Dark Age Rulebook (ENGLISH)

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Ravenfeast is a short set of skirmish rules for wargaming in the Viking Age! You and your friends can resolve a Dark Ages miniature tabletop battle in just 1-2 hours with as few as a dozen figures per player.

For more experienced players, a series of optional advanced rules add layers of tactical nuance to the basic core game. But Ravenfeast is far more than just a set of rules--this book as a complete toolkit for how to start miniature wargaming, including modeling advice, terrain tutorials, army building lists, starter scenarios, and a list of links and resources. Printed copies of Ravenfeast are intentionally cheap thanks to the non-profit HMGS, and our shared interest in making historical wargaming affordable for new players to try!

The Ravenfeast game rules are just a few pages long, but sometimes it's easier to learn from watching others play the game first! If watching a video is your preferred way to learn, we have you covered! 

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