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Victrix Dark Age Archers and Slingers

Victrix Dark Age Archers and Slingers

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The Dark Age Archers set includes 36 highly detailed 28mm plastic figures. There are a variety of body/armour and weapon  options. This gives you the freedom to decide your own figure poses and army composition. 

Whats in the box?

- 24 x Archers

- 12 x Slingers

- Additional daggers and axes to convert men into light infantry

- War-horns, spears and figure poses perfect for command figures/standard bearers.

Historical period:

4th century until medieval times


Additional details:

- Many head options with various helmets, caps and period specific haircuts (bald heads too of course!)

- Slinger bodies have been designed so that they can be turned into extra archers, or given shield/weapon arms to create more Viking/Saxon warriors

- Note the archers holding spare arrows in one hand whilst firing their bow, this was a method used by the most experienced archers for rapid firing capability! “


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